Saturday, May 14, 2011

Furious Skatesaphrenics

­­If you weren’t tied to Derby News Network this afternoon, then you missed an amazing performance by Emerald City’s all-star team, the Skatesaphrenics. In Battle for the Coast, they faced four teams throughout the afternoon and evening in shortened 20 minute bouts, hoping to emerge as one of the top two teams in their bracket and advance to tomorrow’s finals.

In their first three games, the Skatesaphrenics demonstrated their incredibly strong defense, allowing only fourteen points by the Ventura County Derby Darlins, fifteen by the OC Roller Girls, and seven by SD Roller Derby. For ECRG a tight, defensive game is the standard mode of operation, so the control they maintained within the pack came as no surprise. What ensured their success, however, was their decision to dedicate at least one blocker to offense in the majority of the jams. ECRG jammers were looking for holes and found them thanks to some stellar, well-timed offensive hits.

ECRG’s last game of the day was against the toughest opponent playing in Battle for the Coast—Bay Area Derby (BAD), who are ranked sixth in the nation by DNN. While ECRG lost decidedly to BAD, they had some real successes as a team. Most impressively, ECRG skaters kept level heads despite a point deficit. They played a clean game and were able to execute a pretty tight defense despite the wrecking ball that is Demanda Riot, working her magic for Bay Area in the pack. ECRG demonstrated great teamwork; skaters were sticking together and were far more effective as a result. Nice work, Phrenics, and congratulations on advancing to the finals!

While all of the women on the Skatesaphrenics played outstanding games today, I would like to take a minute to acknowledge the awesome work of the members of the Flat Track Furies who played for the all-star team this weekend; this is the Snake Pit after all.

Blue Ruin: Blue is one of the unsung heroes in ECRG. She’s not very big but can hit and withstand hits like nobody’s business. Her greatest strength lies in her constant awareness; she knows where both jammers are as well as her blockers and can move agilely to get wherever she needs to be on the track.

Frankie Facebreaker: I may be biased because Frankie happens to be my wife, but I think she’s one of the best defensive players in the league. Having spent years jamming, she is lightening fast and can chase down the opposition before they even see her coming. She showed us this tonight, having a sweet hit on a BAD jammer, chasing her from a spot in the back of the pack, nailing her, and forcing her to call off the jam.

Burna Death: Burna has recently taken over the role of bench coach for ECRG. She did a hell of a job tonight, picking out the line-ups and making sure that her players stayed fresh enough to score some points against BAD. Burna is great at keeping the ladies on the bench calm, positive, and focused. Her positive energy was resonating throughout the team this evening.

Katarina Van Rotten: Can I hand out the award for most improved ECRG player right now? Rotten made the all-star team about a year ago and has quickly garnered a position as a first-string jammer, likely because she’s a juking machine. Her cheery demeanor off the track gives her the I’ll-never-give-up attitude that is crucial to great jammers. Rotten scored FOUR of ECRG’s points against Bay Area and countless others throughout the evening. All I have to say is… Suzy Hotrod, look out.

xoxo, Furies!

Faithless Baumer

Emerald City 38

Ventura County 14

Emerald City 30

Orange County 15

Emerald City 53

SD 7

Bay Area 70

Emerald City 7

Monday, May 9, 2011


So, when I was drafted to the Flat Track Furies (FTF) over 2 years ago, I never imagined that I would be a full time jammer....too easy to knock over, too gaggley, too spazy, too tall...NO WAY.

However, lesson learned. Never say never.

About a year ago, the FTF had a huge turn over. We lost most of our seasoned players to injuries, babies, and just plain life stuff. And that is when it happened, there was the expectation and my own will and desire to be better and to watch my team mates smile. I was becoming a jammer. Not just a 'now and then jammer', but an 'all the time, get your ass out there AGAIN, and jam' jammer.

I took it heart. If I was going to jam, then I was going to be the best jammer I could. I practiced jumping, juking, falling and getting up so fast, that you never knew I was down. I switched out my wheels, tightened and loosened my trucks, tried different arrangements of softer and harder wheels. Started working out on off skating days. And one more very important thing...I started trusting and believing that my Furious blockers were going to do everything in their power to keep me safe and get me through the pack.

I think it has paid off, all the extra stuff I do and my blockers do. I still strive to be better, that is just the perfectionist inside me.

We have had the most thrilling season, filled with success, tears, growth and bonding.

We are the new FURIES!!!! I guess you cant get any better than that.

Terrin Skirtz

Monday, May 2, 2011

Awesome Blog Linkage

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