Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have some discipline.

"Man, I don't know if I wanna hit my friends..." was the beginning of a conversation back in 2007 about this crazy idea of a roller derby league in Eugene, Oregon. 4 years later, this idea to let off some steam and exercise a couple of times a week in cute clothes has made us nationally recognized athletes and the derby heroes we admired in our chicken-scratch skating days.

Becoming a roller derby player is the most difficult thing I've ever done. It's hard to describe the amount of patience you demand of yourself as you are learning skating, hitting, jumping, yelling, strategies, when to use those strategies, the rules, and how not to get mad when someone lands a hit on you that drops you like a sack of potatoes.

My love for the Furies has been long-lived and unwavering. I am always amazed by the level of professionalism and the humble nature of my team. I believe our success lies in wanting to be the best skaters we can be for each-other. Winning doesn't matter. We celebrate a loss as much as a win when we come away knowing we played our game and brought the FURY.

I'm purchasing new skates next week. It's a sign of commitment to my team, my game, and myself. I still have a lot of derby left in this body.

Lady Lumps

Saturday, April 2, 2011

How a derby girl sucks at writing a blog.

So, it was my turn to write a blog. Well you see I just plain suck at this kind of thing and had no clue what to write about. No one wants to hear about my job or my uneventful home life so I was just clueless. So I turned to a young co-worker for help since she likes these kind of things and she said she would help me out. We thought and thought about what to write about and we came up with an interview blog. She would ask me some random questions and there we go, I would have a blog. We got it done and she wanted to type it up for me since she said her hand writing was terrible and I would not be able to read it to type it up. I trusted this and said "okay" instead of just taking it and doing it myself and being able to type it and post it on time. Stupid me. Days passed and so did the due date. I got a couple of reminder emails that it was still my turn (thanks Jenesis) and still I had no blog. I texted, Facebooked, and talked to my co-worker for about two weeks and i knew i should have just taken this thing home and done it myself. Bless her little soul for even helping me to begin with but hot damn. Here i am the loser that won't post a stinking blog and it's my turn. So here I am waiting for her email of my blog and she says to me one day at work "So, about your blog. I looked everywhere and i cant find it." Ha ha. So here I am still super late with my blog and I have no ideas and I have to start over. Well someone on my team must be way cooler than me and was ready to rock and roll cause one day I woke up and what did I see? A new blog posted and it sure as hell was not mine. I have now decided I am gonna be on the ball for my next blog post. I will only rely on myself and try hard to be on time and not be a late blogger. I am sorry.
I would like to say a few things though. Being a part of the Furies has made me so happy. I love all the girls on this team, the trainers and the fans. You are all amazing. I could never explain the feeling that my team and derby gives me. I have fallen in love and I am so thankful for this amazing time in my life. I have the best family, friends, and derby sisters a girl could ask for.

Love ya,
Sugar Hooker

Here are some amazing past times i have captured of my girls!!!