Monday, March 14, 2011

Flat Track Furies Take Down SickTown

This past week your Favorite Furious skaters Headed north to Albany to enter battle against the SickTown Derby Dames. It was a close match, but in the end the Flat Track Furies emerged victorious. Thanks so much to the ECRG crew and our other fans who came up to cheer for us in Albany! It made an enormous difference to hear your cheers and to see your faces. WE FURIOUSLY LOVE OUR FANS!!!!

Special Props to our illustrious captain Katarina Van Rotten, who embodies all things Furious. Jamming, Blocking, Keeping a Cool Head, and a Smile on her face; Rotten proves that you CAN do it all, and in fabulous shorts to boot.

Our thoughts and well wishes to our lovely teammate Blitz Vixen, who had to leave halfway through her first bout due to injury. You were seriously rocking it on Saturday, Blitz! We love you, so get better soon . . .

What's in your Hearts, Furies?


Photographs are property of Vico Mejia (top) And Casey Campbell (bottom two) respectively.