Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's been one crazy season...

We started off strong, became even stronger and took our hits in stride. This season has been a lesson in discipline, sportswomanship and simply dealing with the random crap that life tosses our way.

What have we learned? We are strong, powerful women who thrive the best when we are supporting eachother. We've rotated through injuries...broken ankles (Blitz, Jenesis, Skirtz)...broken collar bones (F-Baum)...many, many sprains, strains and bruises...and some bittersweet goodbyes (we LOVE you Burna Death and Lady Lumps for your inspiration and unyielding confidence)..and the one thing that is constant, aside from my suggestion that we start charging pushups for ankle injuries, is that we rely heavily on eachother to pick up the slack when we are down and know that we always have eachother's backs for that assist off the pivot line and sometimes just out the front door. We will fight, hip check, bowl over, and scream with all the force and fury of the gods. And we will do it together as one, regardless of background or experience, and regardless of what life tosses our way.

As we move through the Allstar Season, we encourage you to scream with us and our Furious sisters as they battle Slaughter County on July 16th...and then head in to our brief off-season with some wicked competitive ambitions to come back with vengeance and ferocity.

Until then, Hit hard, Skate low, and Stand tall.

-Blitz Vixen